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Audit for Requirement Analysis

There are a couple of crucial times that call for proper Business Solution Audit Services to be performed. One of them is before the initiation of the Microsoft Dynamics Project. This helps to make sure that all business requirements are understood, documented, and mapped with product functions properly. This will serve as a base for successful project closure, and a reference source for business in future.

Audit to Understand Business Requirements
Audit to Understand Business Requirements

Audit for Service Recovery

Another crucial time for Business Solution Audit is when your Dynamics 365 system is not performing as expected. It is best to take a step back and engage an expert for system audit. Dynamics Square has experience of coming to the rescue in such situations as we can check whether your current system has been configured correctly and optimized to meet your business challenges or not.

Dynamics Square Audit Services Process

Studying Business Operations

Studying business operations

Identifying pain points

Identifying pain points

Preparing Requirement Document

Preparing Requirement Document

Conducting Audit

Conducting Audit

Suggesting changes

Suggesting changes

Dynamics Square Audit Services Benefits

Dynamics Square has a pool of SMEs and Microsoft Certified Resources that conduct Microsoft Dynamics Business Solution Audit and put forward the specifics of problems identified, potential solutions, suggestions of best practices, etc. Through our Audit Services, businesses get helped in the following areas:

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Efficient Functioning of Teams

Efficient Functioning of Teams

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Technological Enhancement

Technological Enhancement

Organizational Agility

Organizational Agility


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We have helped several organizations over many years with their digital transformation aspirations. Our comprehensive service offerings help customers to stay engaged with us for a long period of time. From upgrade and implementation to support, and audit services, we have got it all covered for you.

Implementation Service

We believe in hassle-free Dynamics 365 implementation along with proper training, and support. Our 500+ projects of experience and subject matter expertise enable us to deliver projects error-free, on time and within budget.

Upgrade Service

Upgrading to the latest version of Dynamics 365 can bring a host of technological benefits. We have done several successful upgrades and have developed tools and methodologies for efficient migration from earlier version of Dynamics 365 to the latest one.

Support Services

We are here to help! We got you covered for all Dynamics 365 related assistance with a dedicated support team, centralized support desk, subject matter experts, well-defined SLAs, and case priority matrix.

Audit Services

Are you getting the expected result from your Dynamics Solution? If not, our audit services will help you to take a step back, understand what’s working, what’s not working, and then apply the corrective action or optimization patches.


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Frequent Questions

What is Business Solution Audit Service for Microsoft Dynamics?

In Audit Services, Dynamics Square use its best and most experienced resources to analyze your operations, business processes, existing ERP/CRM implementation, business requirement and accordingly suggest what needs to be done so that you get maximum value out of your ERP/CRM solutions that you have implemented or planning to implement.

Do you also conduct audits for non-Microsoft ERP or CRM solutions?

No. We are Microsoft Dynamics Experts and provide our services for Dynamics 365 products from Microsoft.

What solutions does it cover?

It covers all products under Dynamics Family such as Dynamics Navision (or Business Central), Dynamics AX (or Finance & Supply Chain), etc. Even we provide audit and analysis services for solutions outside Dynamics as well such as for Microsoft SharePoint.

Who should get Business Solution Audit done?

If you are already using any Microsoft Dynamics Solution and you think it is not working as expected or maybe you are planning to implement Microsoft Dynamics or upgrade an older version of Dynamics to the new one, then you can utilize Audit Services.

How do you conduct audits?

The approach of audit activity varies as per the business use case. It can be a mix of detailed discussions with stakeholders and a first-hand review of existing systems after getting system access. For more information on how it is done, please contact our sales consultant.

Will my data be secure if I share system access to get the audit done by you?

Yes. The data is completely secured. We sign relevant agreements and NDAs before conducting an Audit. In many cases, we do not really need to access live data or transactional data. Any which way, we ensure that data sovereignty is maintained.

What is the cost of audit services?

The cost of Audit Services varies based on the business case. For more accurate information on this, please contact our sales consultant.

I already have a partner; can I still enroll Dynamics Square for audit services?

Yes, you can. In fact, it would be a wise thing to do. It will help you to get an objective, and unbiased picture of your current Microsoft Dynamics implementation if you get an audit done from a partner other than your regular partner.

How much time does it take to do the audit?

As with the cost, the time for conducting an audit depends on the business case. It could be from a few days to a few weeks long. Please contact our sales consultant for more accurate information on this.

What are the benefits of conducting a business solution audit?

There are many benefits to conducting a business solution audit. It makes you understand steps you should take that can further help with business continuity, workforce efficiency, organizational agility, customer satisfaction, etc.


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