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Seamless Collaboration, and Simple Sharing

Collaborate securely with team members across multiple devices and drive efficiency by sharing common resources on home sites and portals. You can leverage collective knowledge with powerful search, and intelligent ways to discover information to guide decisions and actions. SharePoint Solution accelerate productivity by automating simple tasks to complex operational workflows.

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Microsoft SharePoint Capabilities

SharePoint helps in boosting productivity, and increasing information visibility for employees across all departments, in businesses large or small. Microsoft SharePoint core features lie around intranet-based sharing experience for secured collaboration, content distribution, and management, etc.

Dynamics Square is an accredited partner for Microsoft SharePoint in Singapore and offers an all-inclusive support to companies that are willing to implement, integrate, or upgrade their businesses with SharePoint. We customize SharePoint solutions to create an intranet that solves significant business problems.

Intranet and Extranets

Communicate, and share information internally or externally with Intranet and Extranet leveraging the power of Microsoft SharePoint.

Web Part and App Development

Get access to customized web parts & apps suiting your business requirements with Microsoft SharePoint.

UX and Branding

Reflect unique corporate identity by personalizing the interface of Microsoft SharePoint environment.


As an experienced Microsoft SharePoint Partner, we ensure smooth upgradation and migration services for you without interrupting business.

Expand Business Partner Engagement

Connect and extend SharePoint to stakeholders and associates outside your team and enrich their experiences with Microsoft SharePoint.

Cloud Configuration and Step

Easily integrate your business applications, configure data, sharing capability with Microsoft SharePoint.

Business Consulting

Get comprehensive Microsoft SharePoint support and advice on the best-suited solutions for businesses.

Manage organizational communications, knowledge sharing, content creation and much more with Microsoft SharePoint. This solution serves as an upgraded and customized content management system for your business’ growth and productivity.

Enhanced Communications

Share information, ideas, and documents with colleagues throughout the organization.

Streamline Processes

Organize projects, obtain visibility, and collaborate easily with Microsoft SharePoint.

Knowledge Sharing

Discover new connections throughout the enterprise based on projects and documents and easily create communities to share knowledge with.

Seamless Sharing

Build, publish, manage, and easily share applications and sites with others in the organization.

Various integration options within Microsoft SharePoint enrich its capabilities to offer more scope of development and automation for businesses. Integrating SharePoint with other apps is simple and require minimal technical expertise.

Office 365

Get the ability to view, edit, share group files, schedule meetings and enhance communications.

Microsoft Teams

Every Teams channel has a SharePoint team site; every SharePoint team site has Teams channel.

CRM Integrations

Integrate SharePoint seamlessly with any CRM system like Salesforce and boost collaboration.


Work with calendars, contacts and tasks with SharePoint and Outlook integration functions.

Real-Time Engagement of Customers

Adapt fast to new marketing technologies and increase efficiency in business productivity with Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Real-time engagement with customers allows stakeholders to streamline communications and provide quick resolutions.

Real-time Customer-led Journeys

Understand content requirements through information from customer-interactions on various channels.

Design Customer-led Experiences

Understanding of customer journey enables businesses to engage with them using personalization.

Impactful Content

Access point-and-click dynamics authoring, use A/B testing and analytics to produce impactful content.

Deliver Seamless Experiences

Use AI driven recommendations and digital channels for providing seamless interactions to customers.

Win Customers and Earn Loyalty Faster

Every business, undeniably, strives hard to achieve customer trust and loyalty for their brand. D365 for Marketing empowers businesses with tools to enrich the experiences of their customers. The solution enables personalization for a customer-centric approach.

Design End-to-end Journeys

Users can create journeys and personalization from customer-triggered events across channels.

Improve Customer Communications

Help teams to strengthen customer relations with interactions and engagement for business expansion.

Nurture Leads and Accounts

Maintain continuous customer interactions through mails, notifications, and so on for nurturing leads.

Turn Event Attendees into Loyal Customers

Simplified event planning, nurturing registrants, improving audience engagement for better conversions.

Personalize Customer Experiences With Ai

The functionalities within Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables teams to drive meaningful customer interactions across digital and physical channels to create deeper relationships and achieve business success. Now turn insights into AI-powered actions to transform customers into fans.

Create Engaging Content

Use AI-recommended images, offers, dynamic content within D365 Marketing to maximize engagement.

Experiment to Increase Engagement

D365 for Marketing enables users to run A/B tests, optimize content based on previous activities.

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Use real-time KPIs, boost customer journeys using analytics and Microsoft Power BI dashboards.

360-Degree Customer View

Access D365 Customer Insights for enhanced customer targeting, personalization for customer journeys.

Build Customer Trust With A Unified, Adpatable Platform

To build customer trust, it is imperative to provide them with apt services and reliable information. Get advanced customization and personalization functionalities within Dynamics 365 for Marketing to manage processes with ease and expertise.

Unify, Share Customer Data Securely

Provide single, real-time view of customer context across D365 applications and align teams accordingly.

Comply With Regulations

Make use of built-in features to comply with the GDPR, HIPAA regulations and accessibility guidelines.

Customize, Extend the Application

Automate marketing processes using APIs, external add-ons, built-in workflows or create new ones.

Run Business-unit Level Marketing

Optimize marketing communication content to maintain consistency and promote reuse of content.

Product Licensing

Microsoft SharePoint Pricing

You do not pay a penny more than the true value of the products. Get-and pay for- exactly what your business needs for growth.

Plan 1

$6.90per user/month

Plan 2

$13.70per user/month

Office 365 E3

$29.00per user/month


Your Business,
Our Expertise

We have helped several organizations over many years with their digital transformation aspirations. Our comprehensive service offerings help customers to stay engaged with us for a long period of time. From upgrade and implementation to support, and audit services, we have got it all covered for you.

Implementation Services

We believe in hassle-free implementation of Microsoft Business Applications along with proper training, and support. Our years of experience and subject matter expertise enable us to deliver projects error-free, on time and within budget.

Upgrade Services

An upgrade can bring a host of technological benefits. We have done several successful upgrades and have developed tools and methodologies for efficient migration from older versions of Microsoft Business Applications to the latest ones.

Support Services

If you use any Microsoft Business Application, we are here to help. We have a dedicated support team with centralized support desk, subject matter experts, well-defined SLAs, and case priority matrix.

Audit Services

Are you getting the expected result from your Microsoft Business Solution? If not, our audit services will help you to take a step back, understand what’s working, what’s not working, and then apply the corrective action or optimization patches.

Frequent Questions

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform, that enables easy sharing of content documentations within office groups and channels. SharePoint also helps in creating custom content based of business requirements.

What are benefits of Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint Solution benefits are multi-fold from centralized administration, and document management to collaboration, site consolidation and much more.

Does Microsoft SharePoint require VPN connection?

With SharePoint, accessing your files remotely is as simple as opening a web browser and logging into your company’s Microsoft 365 account. No more VPN and no more connection manager software.

What is the pricing of Microsoft SharePoint?

The pricing of Microsoft SharePoint differs based on various purchasing options. For your convenience the pricing of Microsoft SharePoint has been provided in the Pricing section above. You can contact our sales consultant to know more about pricing and features.

Do I need to install an app to use Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based solution and can be accessed using any browser or device. For a better user experience, one can install the app of Microsoft SharePoint on their devices.

Does Microsoft SharePoint secure data?

With SharePoint, you get highly secured environment for physical data, network, access, applications, and data. Every file within Microsoft SharePoint as well as every update of every file is encrypted and adequately protected.

What is a SharePoint App?

SharePoint App is an integration that add features to standard collaboration spaces on platform. Some apps are out-of-the-box that come with the platform, while other can be developed.

How does Microsoft SharePoint help with collaboration?

In simple words, Microsoft SharePoint provides a web-based space where users can upload, update, maintain and distribute files and documents with workflows, etc. All this aids in boosting collaboration within teams.

How does Microsoft SharePoint help with Content Management?

SharePoint enables many ways to upload, store, sort, organize, track, and share Business Content. Thousand of companies globally, big, and small, rely on SharePoint for effective content management.

What is a SharePoint Farm?

Simply put, SharePoint Farm is a collection of servers that work in tandem to provide a set of certain SharePoint services to support a single site. You can contact our sales consultant to know more.

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