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Bridging the Gap Between Technology and People

Delivering the best possible customer service experience with AI enabled real-time insights, resources, unified platform within Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. A 360-degree view of the minutest customer activities enables agents deliver personalized experiences.

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Bridging the Gap Between Technology and People


Dynamics 365 Customer Service Features & Capabilities

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service provides a unified platform to manage customer service. Agents can take customer requests from any channel, handle multiple sessions at a time, interact with multiple apps, and enhance their workflow with productivity tools.

Offering businesses end-to-end service arrangements across multi-channels by streamlining them. D365 Customer Service provides businesses with a unified platform for customer insights and management.

360-Degree View of Customer

Get entire history of customer interactions, preferences, third-party inputs with D365 Customer Service.

Consistent Information

Unified customer data from multi-channels on a single source to keep the team informed and prepared.

Personalized Experiences

Agents can make interactions personalized and contextual with real-time insights, SLA timers and more.

Machine Learning

Machine learning detects social post sentiment and intent to automatically create and route as cases.

Personalized Surveys

Create personalized surveys with drag-and-drop survey designer, theme editor, and rich design logics.

CTI Framework

Get access to a CTI framework with several integrations and adapters readily available in markets.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables agents and leaders to get quick insights on complex customer behaviors and data. Access to third-party sites for customer information helps provide personalized and requirement-based services to customers.

Seamless Transition

D365 for Customer Service offers seamless transitions between self and assisted support.

User Roles and Rights

Leveraged CRM authentication, security, local or federated authentication through variety of providers.

Create Custom Entities

Out-of-the-box configurations with easy-to-use tools, and rich set of SDKs enable developers build app.

Responsive Design

For easy navigation and self-service, D365 for Customer Service offers responsive design functionality.


With D365 Customer Service, get access to automated community thread escalation to case capabilities.

Resource Knowledge

Optional federated search returns results from relevant knowledge articles, social posts and blogs.

Intuitive Navigation

The case deflection capabilities, blog platform, community discussion forums enable intuitive navigation.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers a single, unified experience for sales agents on their desktop or mobile device. The solution adds armors in the form of various resources for agents to provide a personalized experience to customers.

Dynamic Interface

Get access to a dynamic interface that serves resources to agents, also from third party applications.

Enhance First-Time Resolution Rate

The functionality of analysis, machine learning, case studies and so on enable agents to solve case faster.

Boost Productivity

Features like integrated knowledge agent scripting, SLAs, and so on help businesses boost productivity.

On-time Resolution

Connect agents seamlessly with peers, subject-matter experts for speed resolution and no escalations

Role-Specific Tasks

Provide context sensitive guidance to help users navigate the application, perform tasks specific to their role.


D365 for Customer Service gamification feature helps reward employees for higher productivity.

Unified Platform

Get access to a unified platform for managing and monitoring your business as well as third-party tasks.

Unified knowledge provides a single source of truth across channels and LOBs. Knowledgebase administrators can capture and create content from multiple sources, and an approval workflow ensures accuracy and mitigates risk.

Quick Create

The Quick Create functionality offers SMEs and agents to create content for approval through workflow.

Community Sourced Knowledge

Community sources knowledge enablement scenarios helps build knowledgebase for customers.

Rich Media

Use of rich media images and videos with D365 for Customer Service helps increase first time resolution.


Articles can be scheduled for periodic review or expiration to ensure content is always current

Improved Searches

Associating knowledge articles with customer or account data helps improve search and discoverability.


Readers can provide feedback on knowledge articles by rating content, giving customer interest insight.

Enhanced Article Efficiency

Identify potential areas for improvement and change with in-depth analysis of knowledge articles.

Microsoft understands that data-driven insights are crucial for an efficient and agile business. D365 for Customer Service offers a custom, role-based dashboards with powerful data visualization capabilities. Get the information required to provide proactive care to customers and to predict the need for service.

Role-tailored Dashboards

Get access to real-time, historical data with role-tailored dashboards within D365 for Customer Service.


Get access to deeper view of business via interactive charts and data from third-party applications.

Natural Language Capabilities

Instantly render new reports and visualizations with natural language capabilities within D365 for CS.

Best Practices Identification

Identify cross/up-sell opportunities, best practices, explore what-if scenarios, improve service metrics.


Offering growth and agility with report on custom KPIs and metrics tuned specifically to your business.

Actionable Insights

Derive meaningful intelligence from large amounts of complex data and provide sellers with contextual actionable insights that are easy to understand. Insights are in context to customer relationship making it easy to focus on the right priorities and drive personal engagement.

Prospects & Lead Prioritization

Improve retention, engagement, monetization, build a database of qualified leads and so on.

Relationship Health

With in-depth customer relationship insights and analysis, keep a check on the relationship health.

Social Media Tracking

Generate leads through social media platforms and much more with seamless integration.

Customer Intelligence

Engage customers in a personalized and effective way by harnessing power of D365 Customer Insights.

Relationship Management

Build buyer trust and loyalty, and foster relationships with them through Dynamics 365 for Sales. The in-depth insights and analysis enable businesses to understand needs, demands, interest and trends among customers and deliver accordingly.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Receive continuous insights and recommendation for generating leads and much more by integrating.

Relationship Assistant

With in-depth customer relationship insights determine & strategize areas to put in more efforts.

Email Intelligence

The functionality helps businesses gain insights by analyzing email performances and customer reaction.

Content Personalization

No need to research for relevant content for sales interactions, get them all within D365 for Sales.

Sales Productivity

Dynamics 365 for Sales enables businesses to automate sales processes, eliminating manual errors. The availability of a highly intuitive user interface and Microsoft-Office embedded capabilities, increase revenue and boost productivity.

Sales Processes

Get a guided sales process, rich context-specific help and much more to optimize sales efforts.

Opportunity Management

Offering seamless integration with Office 365 apps for managing customers and deals efficiently.

Sales Mobility

With modern mobile apps within D365 for Sales, sell anywhere, anytime with efficiency and assistance.

Partner Management

Manage all the crucial stages of partner/vendor management in your business with D365 for Sales.

Sales Performance

Managing the performance of individual sales as well as entire team can be done seamlessly with the use of dynamics functionalities within D365 for Sales. Real-time analytics and in-depth insights help make informed decisions.

Seller Onboarding

Business process management and interactive help and documentation ease the onboarding process.

Seller Effectiveness

With goals setting, result monitoring and feedbacks functionalities, achieve your sales targets easily.

Reports & Dashboards

Make use of Power BI, at-a-glance dashboards, contextual charts and graphs for quick insights on sales.


With fun, engaging, team-based competitions, boost employee experience and performance.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Pricing & Licensing

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Pricing is simple. Contact us to learn about cost effective licensing based on bundled Dynamics 365 Customer Service Products for Commercial, Non-Profit or Educational Use.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service


  • Cases
  • Contracts
  • Entitlements
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Contacts
  • Accounts and Facilities/Equipment
  • Customer Service Hub
  • Custom Entities - 15 Maximum
  • Dashboards & Charts - 5 Maximum per entity/table
  • Personal Forms & Views - 2 Maximum per entity/table
  • Customize Business Process - 5 Maximum per entity/table
  • Queues - 15 Maximum
  • Customer voice Survey
  • Embedded Intelligence/AI
  • Power Apps in same environment
  • Configure Teams and Business Units
  • Configure and view schedule board

Dynamics 365 Customer Service


  • Cases
  • Contracts
  • Entitlements
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Contacts
  • Accounts and Facilities/Equipment
  • Customer Service Hub
  • Custom Entities - Unlimited
  • Dashboards & Charts - Unlimited
  • Personal Forms & Views - Unlimited
  • Customize Business - Unlimited
  • Queues - Unlimited
  • Customer voice Survey
  • Embedded Intelligence/AI
  • Power Apps in same environment
  • Configure Teams and Business Units
  • Configure and view schedule board

Dynamics 365 Customer Service
Team Members


  • Read and Approve
  • Run all reports
  • Perform Specific Activities
  • View Dashboards

*All Dynamics 365 Customer Service Pricing is subject to change without Notice. Always consult to our Dynamics 365 Customer Service Licensing Expert for Latest Licensing and Pricing.


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What is Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is a Customer Relationship Management Software enabling organizations to provide on-time resolutions to their customers and strengthen relations.

What are the Dynamics 365 Customer Service features?

The features withing Dynamics 365 for Customer Service includes unified portal, role-specific tasks, gamification, role-tailored dashboards, natural language capabilities and more.

What are some D365 Customer Service benefits?

D365 Customer Service benefits business in multiple ways by boosting productivity, streamlining processes, providing greater visibility, scope of automations and customizations and so on.

What is the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Pricing?

Dynamics 365 Customer Service pricing differs for users based on the licenses and add-ons they opt for. For convenience the same has been provided above for your reference.

Can my users get training for D365 Customer Service?

During the implementation process of Dynamics 365 in your business every user is provided role-specific training and support from the implementation partner.

How does Gamification boost business?

The Gamification functionality within Dynamics 365 for Customer Service enables companies to promote a healthy work life balance and enhanced employee experience.

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