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Harness Automation and Streamline Project Operations

Handling of tracking and management of expense has been simplified with the mobile app or browser of D365 for Project Operations. The policies, approvals, custom workflows and reporting help keep a tab on every financial activity that’s happening inside the organization.

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Plan, Manage, Cost and Measure Performance of Each Project

Businesses can quickly and accurately track amount spent on projects and payables with invoicing and purchase order management functionality within Dynamics 365 Project Operations. The solution helps businesses streamline end-to-end processes involved in handling a project.

D365 for Project Operations allows professionals to create fixed-price time and materials and retainer type contracts for products through flexible billing models that suit cash-flow requirements shared by customers.

Resource-Based Costing and Pricing

Businesses can model robust pricing, costing variations on geography & local market economics.

Leverage Deal Structures Tailored for Project-Based Organizations

Meet customer’s cash flow requirements using adaptable billing models with D365 Project Ops.

Shorten The Deal Cycle

Access standardized templates and develop detailed estimate and monetary values for quote.

Unified Sales Dashboard

Use built-in integration with D365 Sales to consolidate your customer data using Dynamics 365.

When handling projects, it is essential that businesses adapt to advanced technological support to boost productivity. Dynamics 365 Project Operations provides this type of technological support along with training facilities for end users.

Tools for Project Managers

Embedded MS Project capabilities like dashboards, scheduling, etc. help improve productivity.

Estimate and Track Projects

Estimate accurately for labor, expenses and materials and track planned-to-actual consumption.

Collaborate Across Project Lifestyle

Align cross-functional teams when capturing conversations, sharing content and using apps.

Key Insights

The built-in insights allow businesses to drive timely decisions for course correction.

Organizations can optimize the profitability of their resources with Dynamics 365 for Project Operations. By allocating the right resource and the right place with correct resources helps in efficient project management. The Universal Resource Scheduling functionality enables intelligent scheduling.

Maximize Resource Utilization

Easily distribute workloads across resources for optimal execution on project delivery needs.

Right People to Right Projects

Maintain resource profiles to match skillsets with projects as per unique business needs.

Intelligent Scheduling

Make use of Universal Resource Scheduling functionality within D365 Project Operations.

Use Dynamics 365 Project Operations functionalities to simplify time tracking and expense management at your organization and ensure accurate reporting. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) helps automatically create expense lines from uploaded receipt images.

Time and Expense Submission

Users can access this solution in mobile app or browser to submit time and expense records.

Compliance Easier Teams

Give your teams easy-to-use time and expense tracking tools to support policy compliance.

Accurate Reporting and Expense Policy Adherence

Use configurable rules and automated workflows to improve time and expense management.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations enables businesses to streamline their project financials by easily automating and customizing its workflows. The solution has been built to withstand all project management complications and help increase efficiency.

Recognize Revenue Accurately

Support adherence to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for global teams.

Customer Invoicing

Customize invoices for optical view and reconciliation, manage billing queues and much more.

Project Accounting Management

Access a combination of accounting rules to leverage project cost and revenue profiles.

Expand to Service-Centric ERP

Integration with D365 Finance or open APIs with external ERP helps system extend capabilities.

D365 for Project Operations enable professionals to make use of built-in dashboards surfacing key KPIs such as resource utilization, forecasting and budgeting. This also helps improve information integration by gaining access to intelligent business insights.

Visualize Key Insights

Use built-in dashboards surfacing KPIs to quickly adapt to changing business conditions.

Democratize Data

MS Power BI enables sharing of business intelligence with project teams to drive outcomes.

The various essential processes for a successful manufacturing task according to BOMs can be executed, managed and monitored with automations and customizations using D365 Business Central.

Production Planning

Planning system can be used to detect and prioritize demand and suggest a balanced supply chain.

Supply Planning

Determine working of planning system and learn to adjust algorithms to meet planning requirements.

Demand Forecasting

With D365 Business Central, forecast demand presented by expected sales and production components.

Creation of Production Order from Sales Order

Create one-to-one/project production orders from sales order to cover exact demand of the sales order.

Order Planning

With order planning, manually plan for sales/production demand, one production BOM level at a time.


The planning worksheet runs both the MPS and MRP options for automation of supply plan creation

Requisition Worksheet

Requisition worksheet creates automatic detailed supply plan covering demand for replenished items.

Calculate Work Centre Calendar

Recalculate work or machine center calendars due to planning changes with D365 Business Central.

Item Availablity

View an item’s projected available inventory by different views to see how events influence it over time.

Production Order

Use D365 Business Central to create production manually or automatically through production planning.


Decision makers can outsource all or selected operations in a production order to a subcontractor.

Production Consumption & Output

Record, post production output with material and time consumption for single released production line.

Real-Time Engagement of Customers

Adapt fast to new marketing technologies and increase efficiency in business productivity with Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Real-time engagement with customers allows stakeholders to streamline communications and provide quick resolutions.

Real-time Customer-led Journeys

Understand content requirements through information from customer-interactions on various channels.

Design Customer-led Experiences

Understanding of customer journey enables businesses to engage with them using personalization.

Impactful Content

Access point-and-click dynamics authoring, use A/B testing and analytics to produce impactful content.

Deliver Seamless Experiences

Use AI driven recommendations and digital channels for providing seamless interactions to customers.

Win Customers and Earn Loyalty Faster

Every business, undeniably, strives hard to achieve customer trust and loyalty for their brand. D365 for Marketing empowers businesses with tools to enrich the experiences of their customers. The solution enables personalization for a customer-centric approach.

Design End-to-end Journeys

Users can create journeys and personalization from customer-triggered events across channels.

Improve Customer Communications

Help teams to strengthen customer relations with interactions and engagement for business expansion.

Nurture Leads and Accounts

Maintain continuous customer interactions through mails, notifications, and so on for nurturing leads.

Turn Event Attendees into Loyal Customers

Simplified event planning, nurturing registrants, improving audience engagement for better conversions.

Personalize Customer Experiences With Ai

The functionalities within Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables teams to drive meaningful customer interactions across digital and physical channels to create deeper relationships and achieve business success. Now turn insights into AI-powered actions to transform customers into fans.

Create Engaging Content

Use AI-recommended images, offers, dynamic content within D365 Marketing to maximize engagement.

Experiment to Increase Engagement

D365 for Marketing enables users to run A/B tests, optimize content based on previous activities.

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Use real-time KPIs, boost customer journeys using analytics and Microsoft Power BI dashboards.

360-Degree Customer View

Access D365 Customer Insights for enhanced customer targeting, personalization for customer journeys.

Build Customer Trust With A Unified, Adpatable Platform

To build customer trust, it is imperative to provide them with apt services and reliable information. Get advanced customization and personalization functionalities within Dynamics 365 for Marketing to manage processes with ease and expertise.

Unify, Share Customer Data Securely

Provide single, real-time view of customer context across D365 applications and align teams accordingly.

Comply With Regulations

Make use of built-in features to comply with the GDPR, HIPAA regulations and accessibility guidelines.

Customize, Extend the Application

Automate marketing processes using APIs, external add-ons, built-in workflows or create new ones.

Run Business-unit Level Marketing

Optimize marketing communication content to maintain consistency and promote reuse of content.


Dynamics 365 for Project Operations Pricing

You do not pay a penny more than the true value of the products. Get-and pay for- exactly what your business needs for growth.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations Essentials

$164.80per user/month

  • Get the visibility, collaboration, and agility needed to drive success across your project-centric business.


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What is Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

Released in October 2020, Dynamics 365 Project Operations is a CRM solution specifically built for businesses to automate, manage and monitor their project handlings. The solutions helps deliver exceptional deal management experiences.

What are the features of D365 Project Operations?

The features of D365 Project Operations include streamlining project financials, gaining visibility through key insights, easy integrations and much more. These features enable businesses to manage their project undertakings efficiently.

What are the benefits of Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

Dynamics 365 Project Operations enables businesses to drive project success and profitability with maximum efficiency. Manage all aspects of customer-facing activities with key insights on customer behavior and inclinations.

Which areas does D365 Project Operations covers?

D365 Project Operations is an end-to-end solution covering the entire billable project lifecycle. The areas it covers include invoicing, resource management, project financials, project sales and so on and automates the workflows of these for efficient project management.

What is the pricing of Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

The pricing of Dynamics 365 Project Operations differs based on various purchasing options. For your convenience the pricing of D365 for Project Operations, with features has been provided in the Pricing section above.

Which businesses should opt for D365 for Project Operations?

Dynamics 365 for Project Operations is the best CRM solution for mid-size organizations and enterprises looking to streamline their processes when managing a project.

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We’d love to show you a customised demo to show you that how Dynamics 365 solution can fit to your business needs.


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