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Constituent management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Nonprofit has complete constituent profiles for individuals, households, and organizations, including biographical details, communication methods, preferences, relationships, salutations, employment and education history, donations, and awards management.

constituent management
Donation management

Donation Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Nonprofits can track donations in various forms in automated manner. You can track and manage donations, and their relation to donors and specific campaigns. Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement support integration with third-party payment solutions and ERP systems so that transactional data can flow in as well as donations can be received seamlessly into the system.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundraising Solution can track fundraising activities across all key stages and provides a clear, end-to-end view of entire process. It is instrumental in other fundraising functions as well like proper disbursement, and utilization of funds, keeping donors updated about activities and programs their donations are being utilized for, etc.

awards management

Award management

Dynamics 365 Nonprofit solution has Awards Management capabilities. It includes functionalities for inquiries, requests, awards recommendations, reviews, reports, budgets, and disbursements.

Program Delivery

Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement Support program delivery that enable nonprofits to efficiently deliver on their missions, measure results, and communicate impact that includes aligning beneficiaries and funds to the results framework.

Donation management
volunteer management

Volunteer management

Non-profits are often powered by volunteers who give their time and effort to support an organization’s cause. Dynamics 365 Fundraising and Engagement can help organize and optimize a charity’s volunteer force, with rostering and timesheet features, and profile management that allows non-profits to assign the right volunteers to the right project.

Membership management

Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement Solutions help by streamlining the process of connecting with members, as well as collate and disburse the information to market towards specific membership groups. It also allows for members to interact back with nonprofit in an easy manner.

Membership management
Finance and CRM data integrator

Finance and CRM data integrator

Microsoft Dynamics Fundraising and Engagement system connects nonprofit accelerator constituents, donations, awards, and programs to Finance and Operations. Thus, helping to operate in a productive, integrated technology environment. Moreover, Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement consulting is readily available to help build such integrations and connections.

Case management

Organizations prefer Microsoft Dynamics for charities due to its comprehensive functionalities such as Case Management. It provides building blocks for partners to aid program staff in tracking clients and cases tying specific program goals.

Case management
Project management & program design

Project management & program design

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Nonprofits helps building a complete delivery framework that tracks activities and progress to a theory of change assuring delivery of programs aligned to indicators and program objectives, budgets, and results.


Program design – In order to support this application, this solution depends on nonprofit core and nonprofit measurement data schemas.

Nonprofit operations toolkit – In order to support this application, this solution depends on the nonprofit core data schema.

Common Data Model for Nonprofits sample apps – In order to support this application, this solution depends on the nonprofit core data schema.



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Frequent Questions

What is Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement solution?

Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement is part of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit and powered by Dynamics 365 Sales. Some people also call it Microsoft Dynamics CRM for nonprofits and NGOs. It’s a relationship management platform to help you manage and modernize various NFP processes so you can increase mission impact.

What is broadly covered under Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement?

It is a comprehensive relationship management solution for nonprofits covering things like constituent management, donation management, fundraising, program delivery, volunteer management, membership management, integration with Finance, ERP, and other solutions, etc.

What is the difference between Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator and Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement?

Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator provides building blocks to accelerate partner and nonprofit development of purpose-built nonprofit solutions. Fundraising and Engagement is a purpose-built solution for nonprofit-specific functionality for donor management and fundraising operations.

Are there specialized Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement consultants?

Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement consulting is readily available. The solution runs primarily on Dynamics 365 Sales. Partner/Consultants having experience with Dynamics 365 Sales and understanding of NFP industry can handle Fundraising and Engagement well.

Who does Microsoft Dynamics for Nonprofits implementation?

Microsoft Dynamics for Nonprofits implementation is done by partners and consultants who have experience with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps and understand NFP industry. Dynamics Square is one of the leading Microsoft Nonprofit Partners for implementation and support services.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Nonprofit pricing like?

Microsoft offers licenses and services to nonprofits at good discounts. However, there have been recent changes in pricing for NFPs. For an accurate information on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Nonprofit pricing or for other products/services, please contact one of our sales consultants.

What are some of Microsoft Nonprofit benefits?

Microsoft run various programs to make modern technology affordable and accessible for NFPs. Additionally, they offer products, and services at discount to nonprofits. For most updated information on Microsoft Nonprofit Benefits, you can contact one of our sales consultants.

Can Fundraising and Engagement integrate with my current finance system?

Yes, it can integrate with financial systems. It has native integration with Dynamics 365 Finance, and for integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central, Power Automate can be used. For third party Finance systems, API integration can be done.

Can I migrate and import data from existing solution to Fundraising and Engagement Solution?

Yes. Implementation partners will work with organizations on the best method for importing data into Fundraising and Engagement. Data migration will involve mapping and aligning the organization’s existing data structure with that of Fundraising and Engagement solution.

How much does Fundraising and Engagement cost to implement?

Implementation cost depends on customer requirements above and beyond base configuration, potential customizations, and data migration. Please contact our sales consultant for more accurate assessment on the same.


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