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Transform Business with Power Apps

With Power Apps, Microsoft gives you the freedom to design and deploy applications swiftly with point-and-click approach. You can choose from a large selection of templates or start from a blank canvas. You can easily connect your app to data and use excel-like expressions to add logic. It’s that easy!

Enable Your Business to Innovate through Power Apps
Build On An App Platform Without Limits

Know no-limits with Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a result of forward thinking, and commitment to make technology adoptable, and accessible to everyone. Power Apps comes with pro-developer extensibility natively built into the platform. Not only building applications is easy, but you can also extend its capabilities to other systems using Azure functions or custom connectors.

Connect, and Make Sense of Your Data

One of the elements of extensibility of Microsoft Power Apps is that you can connect with data from different sources and get insights from it or make it more useful. It doesn’t matter if your data is in excel or any on-premise system, or cloud-based system. You can bring all under a common pool and establish a single source of truth.

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Our Expertise

We have helped several organizations over many years with their digital transformation aspirations. Our comprehensive service offerings help customers to stay engaged with us for a long period of time. From upgrade and implementation to support, and audit services, we have got it all covered for you.

Implementation Service

We believe in hassle-free implementation of Microsoft Business Applications along with proper training, and support. Our years of experience and subject matter expertise enable us to deliver projects error-free, on time and within budget.

Upgrade Service

An upgrade can bring a host of technological benefits. We have done several successful upgrades and have developed tools and methodologies for efficient migration from older versions of Microsoft Business Applications to the latest ones.

Support Services

If you use any Microsoft Business Application, we are here to help. We have a dedicated support team with centralized support desk, subject matter experts, well-defined SLAs, and case priority matrix.

Audit Services

Are you getting the expected result from your Microsoft Business Solution? If not, our audit services will help you to take a step back, understand what’s working, what’s not working, and then apply the corrective action or optimization patches.

Frequent Questions

What is Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps Platform empower organizations to create low-code, no-code applications in-house. A Power App optimize, and automate existing processes which are normally manual, repetitive, and less productive.

What is Power Apps used for?

With Power App, Microsoft solves several use cases. Asset Management, onboarding new people, event scheduling, attendance/leave requests, expense and claims management are some of the examples.

What is Power Apps Pricing and which license does it require?

Power Apps Pricing need not be incurred separately. Most Microsoft 365 Plans include Power Apps capabilities. However, for certain tasks, a separate Microsoft Power Apps License is required. You can contact our sales consultant to know more about it.

How do I create and publish apps?

Microsoft Power Apps implementation is easy. You can create and publish apps by downloading Power Apps Studio for Windows. When you publish an app, it is made available to the users you have shared it with.

What data sources can Power Apps integrate with?

Microsoft Power Apps integration can be done with a range of data sources, out of the box or through API connectors. Excel Files, SharePoint Lists, Salesforce Objects, Microsoft Dynamics Aps, are some of the examples.

How much time does it take to build an app using Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps offers users several pre-built templates, drag-and-drop functionality, etc. which makes developing and launching even the functionally advanced apps almost immediately.

Do I need to know programming to be able to use Power Apps?

Not really, and neither do you require specialized Microsoft Power Apps Consultant. There are easy to use prebuilt templates which you can use to develop Power App even without prior knowledge in coding or app development.

What devices does Microsoft Power Apps support?

Microsoft Power Apps support all devices from desktops, and laptops to mobile devices including android and iOS.

Can I use Power App offline?

Yes. Power App can be used online or offline. If used offline, Powe App will cache (store) your data and automatically push it when device connects to internet.

How does Dynamics Square help with Power Apps setup?

Dynamics Square team is expert in implementation, and Microsoft Power Apps Support. If you are stuck or need any assistance in relation to MS Power Apps, we are here to help!

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