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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM capabilities are best suited for any organization

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM capabilities are best suited for any organization

With Dynamics 365, Microsoft has raised its game a notch higher by combining ERP and CRM capabilities and letting organizations access to Sales, Marketing and Customer Service in the same application. This itself has become a very strong reason for organizations worldwide to consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 as their first-choice CRM solution. With Dynamics 365 available on cloud, work has never been this easier. Given below are a dozen reasons why companies across the globe should take Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM capabilities seriously and ponder getting a D365 CRM Implementation done at the earliest instance:

• Helping deliver higher efficacy: Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM capabilities, companies get to streamline their business processes as the pliable workflow process facilitates enterprise automation operation and procedure in a very safe and user-friendly manner for users to easily start using it.

• Facilitating advanced customization: The best thing about using Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it can be customized as per your convenience. The workflow of this system is as unique as it can get and is very helpful to end users while working on it. It can be customized and configured without any additional development processes, forms, links or client views.

• Always providing right information: Dynamics 365 assures end users of one thing. The right information is always being delivered to the concerned person whether through mobile or web or Microsoft Outlook. Whatever information is demanded for, it is always precise without any errors.

• Empowering creation of marketing campaigns: Organizations trying hard to reach out to their clients and customers with their product offerings along with special offers get to do so after getting a D365 CRM Implementation done. The platform delivers to the end user the entire marketing automation tool process that includes business lead building according to the client list, organized campaign to the targeted prospect of business, follow-up and measuring results. This helps stay connected with customers.

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• Helping deliver simplified service: Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows end users to choose the right experience which prevents customers from severing ties. Companies never miss a service call or appointment and deliver a one view client service request in addition to quickly and simply taking the client and user service request basis and matching the right service request.

• Integrating with Microsoft Outlook: Microsoft Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook, in the process turning the latter into an individual space where communication and client data can be managed effortlessly. The user interface of Outlook becomes such that it starts resembling an interface meant categorically to message and collaborate with global clients. It also maintains lead data analysis, sales call identity and marketing pitches on one central location.

• Integrating with Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows end users work very closely with Microsoft Excel, which helps share, analyze and sort information in a simplified way. Excel integration also allows to change the information about the client in charts or snapshot views quickly.

• Integrating with data sources: Dynamics 365 facilitates email marketing, surveys, web tracking and database membership. It also provides access to third party websites and financial information. It holds the power of web services and Microsoft NET Framework and lets companies increase isolated services, business solutions and application.

• Enhancing communication: Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of business applications. It is meant to be used to connect with other businesses, form networks and manage service from anywhere. Through the application, information can be collected in filters, each filter providing only specific details when selected.

• SQL Server Maintenance: Dynamics 365 offers SQL Server Maintenance. This helps leverage business profits and develop business reports. It uses embedded analytics to improve service along with the SQL database server. It also builds data records for decision and management. It also provides solutions for tracking and marketing investments.

• Multiple ways of deployment: Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be deployed in multiple ways. It can be deployed on-premises and can also be deployed on-cloud. End users are given the option of obtaining a subscription after which they have access to use it on cloud. Else, thy can opt for a quick and seamless implementation on-premises through an effective budget.

• Strong data architecture: Dynamics 365 standards for form, workflow, security, customization views and reports. It helps with reduction of customized code and helps manage controlled delivery. This is the reason why it allows better presentation and flexibility when it comes to features of CRM service technology.

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